Jerobeam Fenderson - Nuclear White Noise • Nuclear Black Noise

Jerobeam Fenderson
Nuclear White Noise • Nuclear Black Noise


Release: 31st January 2014

OM001 Double 7" Vinyl with special artwork
OM001A 7" Vinyl regular edition

Special edition:
Threefold cardboard cover.
Two discs with laser-engraved backsides:
• Nuclear White Noise on white vinyl
• Nuclear Black Noise on black vinyl
Limited to 50 copies.

A composition for
a) continuous
b) discrete
frequency spectra.

The same composition is played once with noise frequency bands and once with sine waves. Additive synthesis is used to create similar sound spectra out of harmonics of the fundamental frequency of 50Hz. The noise bands in Nuclear White Noise are filtered out of white noise (a continuous frequency spectrum) and each one is centered around the frequency of the respective sine wave in Nuclear Black Noise. For the latter there is a videoclip, showing lissajous figures on an oscilloscope, created through phase differences on both channels.

OM001 photo 1 OM001 photo 2 OM001 photo 4 OM001 photo 5 OM001 photo 6

photos by Nikos Zachariadis