R. Schwarz - SPSP No. 1

R. Schwarz
SPSP No. 1


C40 Cassette
Release: 23rd June 2014
Label: Mudblob Tapes
Catalog number: MUDBLOB2



Self-Propelled-Sound-Particles No.1
Stereo, 2x 20 minutes
Limited to 50 copies.

R. Schwarz's "SPSP No. 1" is a 40-minute tape dedicated to the stochastic sounds of house flies (Musca domestica).

Swarms of flies are the only origin of sound on side A. Extracted from long term close-up recordings, the sounds are continuously shifting through space, subtly cut and edited, to accentuate their natural sonic qualities.

On side B, the tonal and rhythmical structure of side A was isolated to translate those properties into an artificial instrumentation. The analyzed data was converted to control voltages to operate several analog oscillators and filters of a customized analog modular synthesizer.