Check out Jerobeam Fenderson’s Oscilloscope Music Kickstarter!

Btw there are only 11 copies of the Nuclear White Noise // Nuclear Black Noise 7″ left - if you want one, better get it now! :)


Dubsquare records

All the fine Dubsquare records in one place. Get them!
new records in store

Great new records from German label LIN/LOG available in our shop!

There are also plans for new Ordia Muszc releases. Stay tuned :)

new records in store

We’ve got some more great records from Offseason / Widerstand Records / Autark in stock:

Ab-Hinc - Farkhülse Fist Reconfigurations (2x12")
Anom Vitruv - Untitled (7")
Konsul Gnadenwalze - Gnad en Walze (CDr + booklet)
Re-lay - Fielding Chase / Kept Galore (7")

Bartholomäus Traubeck’s self-released 12" YEARS is now available from our shop!

Konsul Gnadenwalze - אo (7" Vinyl)

Konsul Gnadenwalze - אo

Konsul Gnadenwalze’s אo is finally available on vinyl and as free download!

R. Schwarz - SPSP No. 1

A new Mudblob Tape is available! R. Schwarz’s ‘SPSP No. 1’ is a 40-minute tape dedicated to the sonic characteristics of house flies (Musca domestica). Also don’t miss his corresponding vernissage at TREZ[]R, Vienna!

Say hi to our new cassette division MUDBLOB TAPES! This is going to be a laboratory for intrepid audio ventures. It’s first release Taos Hum by Ruben Bacher, a 40 minute album of wraithlike drones and psychoacoustic experiments, is now available in our shop.

A preview for the upcoming 7" Vinyl release by Konsul Gnadenwalze planned for April 2014!

Our Shop is online!


It took quite a bit longer than expected, but finally our webshop is online.

Our first release, Jerobeam Fenderson’s Nuclear White Noise • Nuclear Black Noise, which was released at our label launch party on 31st January 2014, can now be ordered!

The second release is already being pressed (more information coming soon) and in the future we’ll also offer a selection of releases from other labels / artists in our shop.

Ghost Drone #5 // Ordia Muszc label launch party

31.1.2014 @ SUb, Graz, AT


First release planned for January 2014

Jerobeam Fenderson
Nuclear White Noise • Nuclear Black Noise
7" Vinyl